Van de Loosdrecht Machine Vision BV

Company was founded in 2001
Core business Machine Vision (Image Processing)
  • Development of the image processing system VisionLab
  • Image processing algorithms
  • Deep learning
  • Hyper-spectral imaging
  • Genetic algorithms
  • Pattern matching
  • Algorithms written in ANSI C++
  • OpenMP
  • OpenCL
  • Portable software, running under Windows, Linux and Android on x86, x64, ARM and PowerPC

Developing course on Computer Vision. The course material, in the English language, is available at Course. More then 2000 slides with many examples and excercises.
VisionLab interfaces with all major Deep Learning frameworks that have a Python interface. See also Deep Learning. Lecture Some deep thoughts on Deep Learning about the transition from Software 1.0 to Software 2.0

Do you think your object detection model doesn't discriminate small overlapping objects adequately? Then have a look at the new publication on CentroidNetV2: A hybrid deep neural network for small-object segmentation and counting, Neurocomputing 423 (2021) p 490-505

New Hyper-Spectral Imaging operators are under development Hyper-Spectral Imaging
Support for SPECIM FX10&FX17, Ximea and Silios hyper-spectral cameras
Support for LUCID polarization cameras
Lecture Introduction to Hyper Spectral Imaging NVPHBV (Dutch society of Pattern Recognition and Image Processing) meeting Spring 2019 at NHL Stenden University

Inauguration speech Jaap van de Loosdrecht, Professor Computer Vision, NHL-Stenden University of Applied Sciences
Download inaguration speech (Dutch)

Thesis Accelerating sequential machine vision algorithms using commodity parallel hardware available for download.

New version of VisionLab V3.47 (January 2020) available in download section:

Accelerating sequential machine vision algorithms using commodity parallel hardware

  • Research project in collaboration with the Limerick Institute of Technology in Ireland and the NHL University in the Netherlands
  • This project focus on both multi-core CPUs and GPUs
  • Tools used are C++, OpenMP and OpenCL
  • Download thesis
  • Course material about acceleration vision algorithms using OpenMP and OpenCL