Van de Loosdrecht Machine Vision BV, Dedicated to Deep Learning

Core business is the development of software for the automation of visual inspections
using Deep Learning (AI).

The Company was founded in 2001. After a decade of developing "traditional" image processing software,
the focus shifted from 2012 onwards to Deep Learning.

Looking for the niches where the standard solutions from GitHub are not good enough like e.g. object detection at high resolution and anomaly detection.

In the period 1996 - 2022, more than 400 research projects in the field of image processing and AI performed as a researcher/professor at NHL-Stenden University.
Farewell lecture: Some Deep Thoughts on Deep Learning.


Van de Loosdrecht Machine Vision BV
Jaap van de Loosdrecht

The Netherlands

T. +31 511 542828
E. info@vdlmv.nl
W. www.vdlmv.nl
L. www.linkedin.com/in/jvandeloosdrecht