Download VisionLab Demo

NOTE: VisionLab is a legacy product

Notes for installation:

All files of the installation should be copied in one directory with a path name without spaces like c:\VisionLab. You can NOT install the software in c:\Program files\VisionLab because there is a space in the path name.
All files in this directory should have read and write access priviledges, the user logged in should have "Full Control" access.
VisionLab has a client / server architecture. In the distribution are two executables: VisionLab.exe and vissvr.exe. The two processes communicate using the local network.
This implicates that the user must instruct the firewall to allow this communication.
For first install it is adviced to:
- first run vissvr.exe and give permission to the firewall
- then run VisionLab.exe to start the GUI of the development environment
The next time VisionLab can be started by running VisionLab.exe. VisionLab.exe will start automatically the local server vissvr.
See also the file readme.txt in the download.

Terms and conditions of usage:

  • This software may be used only for evaluation purposes and may not be used for any commercial purpose.
  • Because this software is available for free the user acknowledges that:
    • VdLMV explicitly gives no warranty on this software and does not accept any form of liability for using this software.
    • The use of this software is entirely for the risk of the user.
    • The user will safeguard VdLMV against all claims from using this software.
    • By using this software the user will not obtain any rights from VdLMV.
    • VdLMV is not obliged to maintain this software.
  • The user knows that this demo software has an expiration date mechanism. After the expiration date this software is no longer usable.

Demo for Windows 11

Accept terms and Download VisionLab Demo (only web cams)

NOTE: before unzipping the downloads, remove the security block on on this file because it was downloaded from another computer.

This can be done by opening the Properties window for the zip file by clicking the right mouse button, clicking on the Unblock button and thereafter on the Apply button.
Download VisionLab Updates

For customers with subscription for updates only:

Username, password and license files will be send by email on request to customers with a subscription. Updates are downloaded under the license conditions ("de algemene voorwaarden") of Van de Loosdrecht Machine B.V. Customers already have received these conditions and may get an another copy on request.
This version contains support for IDS, XIMEA and Basler cameras.

Update to V3.47 (January 2020) SDK for Visual Studio