NOTE: VisionLab is a legacy product

VisionLab is a development environment for image processing applications. VisionLab is highly extensible. You can add your own operators and camera interfaces. Easy to use and easy implementation in existing software. Look below for a complete list of features, download VisionLab demo or look at the help file.

Supported vision algorithms

Image processing operators:

  • Image analysis
  • 2D camera calibration
  • Edge detection
  • Filters
  • Geometric operations
  • Image math
  • Labeling and Blob Measurement
  • Morphology
  • Segmentation
  • Color processing
  • Barcode identification
  • Transformation (Distance, Hough and FFT)
  • Pattern matching
  • Hyper-spectral imaging
  • Classification with neural networks and optimization of neural networks with genetic algorithms
  • Interfaces with all major Deep Learning frameworks that have a Python interface
See for a course on using these operators.